Saturday, 14 November 2015

Around the world with AirPano

I've been playing around with latley and recently introduced it to the children.  We started by using the gyroscope feature on the iPad to explore each panorama. 

This feature allows you to move the iPad around as though you were there and taking a picture, as the scenery moves with you. 

There are so many amazing places you can visit and the quality of the images is extremely high. The children really got a taste of what it's like to be an explorer. 

To add to the experience of being an explorer, I asked the children to take pictures (screen shots) of the places they had seen.  We then cropped these images (see below) before adding them to a new book on Book Creator. 

The children were then able to write about what they had seen in each location.  They also did some research to add more information to their books. 

The whole process was really engaging and exciting for the children and I think the gyroscope feature really enhances the experience.  There are so many locations on the website you could easily incorporate it into a topic about a specific continent or country.  

You could also use AirPano to inspire creative writing too, especially describing a setting (like many schools have done with the Epic Citadel app) which is what I plan to do at some point!  Adding the screen shots to a storyboard or a comic strip could also work really well.  Even creating a slideshow of images using iMovie or Replay.  There are so many possibilities. 


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